Thai institution admission device revamped in response to criticism

“we can cut back the TCAS period to just six and a half months in the coming yr,” Professor Suchatvee Suwansawat stated in his capability because the head of Council of institution Presidents of Thailand CUPT.

He additionally promised to lessen the TCAS expenses: the verify fee for each academic field in the third round will drop from Bt200 to Bt100, and the management price will even be halved, from Bt100 to Bt50.

The extra key conditions from the new TCAS are: every a hit applicant can flip down an allotted section only once; the third round will require applicants to prioritise their selections; and the seat could be allotted in response to the prioritised listing within the third round for successful candidates.

“but this time, candidates will be in a position to listing six programmes in the third round,” Suchatvee pointed out.

earlier this yr, TCAS changed into widely criticised as a result of its third round did not require prioritisation of four choices. a hit candidates, with very high scores, have been offered 4 seats from 4 programmes while many others comfortably didn’t get any presents at all. Candidates securing seats at scientific schools were discovered to have dominated the record of a hit candidates in many other programmes including the communication arts. youngsters these particularly a success candidates were required to opt for only 1 programme on the end of the third round, the incontrovertible fact that they have been offered as much as five seats supposed a couple of candidates emerged from the third round empty-surpassed.

Suchatvee stated the new guidelines and agenda of the TCAS had been organized after three committees were deploy to evaluate the implementation of the TCAS in its first yr, to analyze the right way to enrich it and to upgrade the relevant IT equipment.

“however the TCAS will nevertheless have five rounds,” he maintained. in the first round, the student’s portfolio is the main criterion. within the second round, quota seats are provided to certain businesses of students, akin to activities capabilities or those dwelling within the chosen institute’s home region. The third circular sees applicants sitting tutorial exams, whose ratings check which alternative turns into purchasable to them.

in the fourth circular, the criteria are collected as grade aspect common, standard national educational look at various Onet scores and universal Aptitude examine GATprofessional Aptitude look at various T ratings.

The fifth round facets direct admission with the aid of each university.

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